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Dale Greene


Dale Greene (Bedonahkwaad) is an Ojibwe Elder and cultural specialist. He has worked with the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe (LLBO) since 1996, working directly with in the LLBO tribal government administration, LLBO Legal Department as the office manager, the LLBO tribal court systems, human services (Child Welfare & protection.) Has provided qualified expert witness testimony for County – Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) cases and LLBO tribal court cases. A teacher of Ojibwe cultural history and Chippewa Treaty Rights cases and has experience in the LLBO Tribal Courts as an Ojibwe family cultural witness for the Court and individual cases.

Dales last four years with LLBO he was the Self Governance Coordinator or point person for the Government-to-Government negotiations for the Annual Funding Agreements from the US Government.

Dale has experience with public speaking as an Ojibwe Elder, speaking on Ojibwe history, 1854 and & 1855 Chippewa Treaties, ICWA & MIFPA, tribal child welfare. DAR classes’, Cultural Minor Consumption classes’, Cultural family – historic trauma – cultural awareness, and spiritual teachings stories. He has a unique and extensive professional experience and previous working knowledge of the state court systems, county & tribal courts, and specialty courts.